Elbow shot from a box set From Troy Titus, formerly of Northeastern Knights, Fountain City, Indiana

DIAGRAM 1: This play has worked at various levels of competition. From a box set, 4 and 5 are at the elbows, while 2 and 3 are positioned on each low block. 1 brings up the ball.

DIAGRAM 2: 1 dribbles toward the left elbow, while 5 breaks down the lane line and sets up next to 3. 2 pops out to the wing area, and 4 breaks hard to the basket.

DIAGRAM 3: 1 fakes a pass to 4 on the basket cut, which may open up a clear passing lane for 2 breaking to the hoop. 3 and 5 set a double-screen for 4 on the ball-side low post.

DIAGRAM 4: If it clears, 2 breaks hard to the basket and receives a backdoor pass from 1 for a layup (first option). 4 curls around the double-screen set by 5 and 3, pops open and looks to receive a pass from 1 for the open mid-range jump shot (second option).