‘Laettner’ From Alan Peel, owner at Coach Peel Basketball, Leawood, Kansas

laettner inbound play 1This is the same full-court inbound play Duke ran against Kentucky in 1992 to earn a trip to the Final Four.

DIAGRAM 1: 3 is inbounding the ball. 2 starts to the ball before cutting to the basket. 5 flashes to the top of the key, and 4 sets a downscreen for 1 as 1 cuts to the ball. 4 slips to the basket.

3 throws the inbound pass to either 5 or 1. If 1 catches the ball, he or she must take the half-court shot.

laettner inbound play 2DIAGRAM 2: If the pass is successfully made to 5, he or she has three options: Turn and shoot; dump the ball off to 4 for the layup; or pass the ball to 2 for a 3-point attempt.