‘Russia’ sideline OB From Ryan Dolatowski, Lake Catholic High School, Mentor, Ohio

DIAGRAM 1: The play starts in a box formation with all four players on the block facing the inbounder. 5 flare screens for 1, who goes to the weak-side wing. 2 steps up and backscreens for 5.

DIAGRAM 2: 3 steps up and screens for 2, who flashes to the ball-side wing. 5 cuts down the block toward the basket.

DIAGRAM 3: 4 has multiple options. They can make a skip pass to 1 for a 3-pointer on the weak-side wing, or lob to the rim for 5. 4 also can find 2 on the ball-side wing for a 3, or a pass can be made to 3 around the elbow area, especially if a lot of helping and switching occurs.