WHOOP 4.0 — Small on Size, Big on Function

WHOOP, the human performance company, is proud to introduce the next generation of its proprietary technology, WHOOP 4.0, a personalized 24/7 digital fitness and health coach. The new technology leverages an upgraded sensor configuration for optimal accuracy and includes WHOOP Body featuring Any-Wear™ Technology, a first-of-its-kind line of smart apparel which enables members to wear their device on multiple locations across the body.

WHOOP continually delivers meaningful in-app updates for an enhanced member experience. The membership is unique in that hardware is included as a fundamental benefit. Members will receive first access to upgrades free of charge. It will also be available for purchase for new healthcare, government, business, and athletics customers.

whoop“I’ve been thinking about this technology for more than a decade, and I can promise you that this is the most innovative product we have ever released,” said Will Ahmed, WHOOP Founder & CEO. “We’ve always aspired to develop wearable technology that is either cool or invisible. With the launch of WHOOP 4.0 and WHOOP Body, we have accomplished both.”

WHOOP 4.0 features include:

  • Upgraded Sensor Configuration: The active sensor area now contains 5 LEDs (three green, one red, and one infrared), 4 photodiodes, and advanced algorithms to provide even more accurate heart rate measurements
  • 33% Smaller Size: It is 33% smaller than WHOOP 3.0 with a five-day battery life
  • New Feature – Sleep Coach with Haptic Alerts: It’s engineered with haptic alerts that members can set to wake them up through gentle vibrations at the optimal time based on their sleep needs and cycles
  • New Feature – Pulse Oximeter: The upgraded hardware is equipped to calculate blood oxygen levels (SPO2) to help members unlock additional daily health insights
  • New Feature – Skin Temperature Sensor: It measures skin temperature to provide members another layer of knowledge about their bodies
  • New Feature – Health Monitor: Members can track live heart rate, skin temperature, blood oxygen saturation, resting heart rate, heart rate variability, and respiratory rate in one view. The Health Monitor also allows members to easily download and export 30-day or 180-day trends of these metrics into a report that can be shared with a coach, trainer, PT, or physician
  • WHOOP Battery Pack 4.0: The upgraded battery pack built for on-the-go charging is now waterproof and lets members double-tap to view battery level
  • Next-Generation Battery Technology: It is the first product in the world powered by Sila’s silicon anode battery materials. Engineered with cell configuration improvements and long cycle life, the new battery delivers 17% higher energy density than the previous model, facilitating a reimagined industrial design that also unlocks the WHOOP Body.

WHOOP Body featuring Any-Wear™ Technology enables the device to collect accurate data from areas including the torso, waist, and calf. This new collection of apparel is the first of its kind in the wearables industry and allows members to wear it off of their wrist. In addition to apparel, it has developed new accessories and designs, including:

  • Fast Link™ Slider: Built with a new Fast Link™ slider that makes it easier than ever to swap it between a variety of colorful bands and all-new WHOOP Body sensor-enhanced technical apparel
  • SuperKnit & HydroKnit Bands: Includes a new SuperKnit band that comes pre-threaded and is constructed for ultimate comfort and durability. It will also release a HydroKnit band that is fast drying and optimized for water sports and activities
  • Any-Wear™ Detection: A novel location detection technology identifies when and where it is on the body

WHOOP Body featuring Any-Wear™ Technology is available in two collections with prices ranging from $54 to $109. The Training Collection includes sports bras, compression tops, leggings, shorts, and athletic boxers. The Intimates Collection includes bralettes and everyday boxers. WHOOP Body and SuperKnit Bands are only available in combination with WHOOP 4.0. Visit and get a membership that includes WHOOP 4.0 for free with access to the app for as low as $18 per month.