Video Replay: Hooking Players on Practice

July 30, 2018 / Football
{Sponsored} Every new generation learns differently than the last; it is imperative that coaches utilize strategies that will reach their students in order to have the biggest impact. However, coaching does not seem to evolve as fast in most sports. Current students are reached most effectively with technology — especially video. Professional and Division 1 collegiate sports are already there, using instant replay and on-screen analytics. However, we do not see that at the high school or lower collegiate levels.

While this may not seem significant, it is when you bring Generation Z into the mix. The newest group of kids to grace the halls of high schools want many things, but they want all of them via technology. These students spend more time using handheld devices like smartphones and iPads than any other group before them, primarily for digital content, selectively closed-network social media and watching videos.

“Generation Z: craves regular and technology-enhanced learning opportunities. Looks for educational opportunities that use visually enhanced methods of teaching.1” Students today spend under 10 seconds deciding if digital content or videos are worth being consumed. Because of this, there is also a higher incidence of ADHD than in previous generations.

When coaches are looking to embrace technology and meet Generation Z on its own level, the solution is simple: use video technology to get kids more engaged in football practice. This means that video needs to be used quickly (under 10 seconds) to gain their attention and keep it and to encourage students to work harder.

Between plays or drills, utilize a video of the practice or game to show students exactly where improvements can be made. Take inspiration from what is in the recording to create fresh drills, to work on those specific skills. Tying it all together utilizing technology will mean your players learn faster, take feedback better (if they see it on video, they can’t argue with it) and play harder knowing their moves are being recorded.

Video technologies on the market are learning what their audiences need. In the same way, sports technologies are using video to gain and keep the attention of student athletes. “Gen Z-ers tend to embrace social learning environments, where they can be hands-on and directly involved in the learning process. They expect on-demand services that are available at any time and with low barriers to access.2

By giving performance feedback on demand and right away via video or other technology, generation Z athletes are not only staying for the whole practice, but they also are not quitting the football team. They get the instant gratification they crave by seeing exactly how they are performing, and they stay interested in playing football through the use of video technologies, which are, by and large, their favorite type of digital content.

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