The Next Generation of Deep Oscillation Has Arrived

November 3, 2021 / Athletic LeaderSports MedicineTechnology
Chudo is the next generation of deep oscillation products built on the clinical success of its predecessor Hivamat®, which is used by physical therapists and athletic trainers in professional and college athletics all over the world. 

Deep Oscillation is a unique, patented, 30-year old, non-invasive, FDA-approved therapy method. It’s clinically proven to relieve pain in muscle and joints, reduce inflammation, swelling and edema and promote circulation to induce healing deep within the damaged tissue. It works via an electrostatic charge that oscillates tissue up to eight centimeters deep to move fluid,  remove waste, and bring fresh nutrients for faster cellular regeneration. 

oscillationChudo Deep Oscillation replaces the Hivamat® product line with upgraded features such as anatomical treatment animations, extended battery life,  and open parameter settings. Dr. Jens Reinhold, the foremost expert on  Deep Oscillation therapy, said, “Physiomed is pleased and excited to  partner with Chudo to provide the next generation of deep oscillation  therapy products and enhance the portfolio of the Chudo brand.” 

Debbie Joles, President of Kismet Holdings Group, commented, “Chudo is  excited to continue the expansion of deep oscillation products in the near  future with a focus on providing solutions for lymphedema and lipoedema  sufferers.” 

Ask for a quote today from your preferred healthcare supplier and visit to learn more about deep oscillation and Chudo. 

About Chudo

Chudo is part of the Kismet Holdings Group’s global family of brands bringing expertise in developing and manufacturing specialty healthcare devices. Chudo is the exclusive provider of deep oscillation throughout select countries around the world, including the United States. Chudo products help athletes and everyday people relieve pain, reduce swelling/edema, and recover faster.