Texas School Districts Altering Physical Requirements

As yearly athletic physical deadlines rapidly approach for student-athletes in Abilene, Texas, some school districts are approaching them differently this year, according to a report from Fox West Texas.

In a conversation with Ryan Steel, Cisco Independent School District superintendent, Fox West Texas reported that the district will accept any medical doctor to sign off on a physical and meet still meet the requirement.

Photo: Sandra Foyt / Creative Commons

“It will generally be done through their personal care physician, or personal doctor; if they do it through the school, we’ll contract either with a local doctor,” Steel said to Fox West Texas.

Cisco ISD physicals must be completed by August, according to the report, while the University Interscholastic League requires student-athletes to get these checkups every two years.

The story goes on to detail how the Abilene Independent School District has altered the rules for physicals this year in light of the COVID-19 pandemic — mainly only requiring student-athletes with underlying health conditions to get the checkups.

“If we red flag anything then either the athletic trainer or their coach will call the parent and ask them to go get a physical,” Abilene ISD sports medicine coordinator Annette Franco told Fox West Texas. “You know, asthma questions, heart questions, if they’ve been hospitalized within the past year. Anything on COVID. If they’ve had COVID-19, then we usually go have them get another physical as well.”

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Steel pointed out that at Cisco, if student-athletes do not complete their physicals by the Aug. 3 deadline, they will be unable to participate in any physical activity. He went on to tell Fox West Texas that the school has funding available for student-athletes who may need financial assistance.

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