Recovery Technology Education Platform Developed for NFL Athletic Trainers

Hyperice, the industry leader in recovery technology and pioneer of percussion, vibration, dynamic air compression, and thermal technology, recently announced the launch of athletic trainer education courses with PFATS, the Professional Football Athletic Trainers Society, to ensure the highest quality of health care is provided to the National Football League.

PFATS works closely with the NFL Physician Society, National Football League, and the National Athletic Trainers Association to improve the health and safety of athletes through continuous research, innovation, and education. PFATS and Hyperice will develop courses to educate current and future athletic trainers, including interns, on innovations in recovery technology for player performance and recovery.

Athletic trainers throughout the NFL have long used Hyperice products for injury prevention and performance with PFATS having an established relationship with Normatec recovery products for years.

recovery“We couldn’t be more excited to announce Hyperice’s elevated partnership with PFATS and for the future of this relationship. PFATS members have had a direct influence on the evolution of Hyperice’s products over the years,” said Dan Canina, Hyperice Director of Global Performance. “The relationships with these athletic trainers is the foundation of our recently announced partnership with the NFL and the vehicle with which we will be able to effectively redefine player care and performance in the sport of football.”

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“Hyperice has been a constant in our athletic training room for years with products essential to delivering best-in-class performance care.  PFATS is thrilled to deepen its ties with Hyperice through this relationship,” added Reggie Scott, PFATS President, and LA Rams VP of Sports Medicine and Performance.  “Our shared vision for this platform, through combined research and innovation efforts, is to push the boundaries of elite athlete care and provide cutting-edge performance and recovery education to all athletic trainers.”

PFATS athletic trainers will also continue to test, research, and provide feedback on all current and future Hyperice products. Since its inception, Hyperice has relied on the athlete experience to craft unrivaled technology approved by elite performers and perfected for consumer use.

About PFATS:  The Professional Football Athletic Trainers Society (PFATS) represents the athletic trainers of the National Football League (NFL). PFATS’s purpose is to ensure that the highest quality health care is provided in the NFL and to all NFL athletes. The society is dedicated to the welfare of its members and committed to the promotion and advancement of athletic training through education and research.  For more information, visit