Poll: Are boys/girls programs in your school treated equally?

In April, Coach and Athletic Director asked coaches whether the boys and girls teams in their schools were treated equally. Title IX offers greater protection for girls and women’s programs, but each year dozens of complaints are filed against schools and universities alleging violations.

winning edge photo_webHere are the results of our poll:

Do you believe boys and girls (men’s and women’s) programs in your school or university are treated equally?

  • Yes: 43.5%
  • No: 52.2%
  • Not sure: 4.4%

Earlier this year, an Oregon high school softball program filed a lawsuit against the district, claiming the girls have not been given access to the same facilities as the boys baseball team. That incident, and others throughout the nation, led us to ask whether coaches recognize these inequalities in their own districts.

Some coaches identified unfair treatment outside of the school district, saying it’s not always about funding. The media, parents and students also don’t see boys and girls programs as the same.

“It’s not even close in New York,” said one coach. “From the local level at the high school to the media and even the way sport is administered by the NYSPHSAA, males are given the highest level of treatment.”

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