Poll: Are no-cut policies good for athletic programs?

April 18, 2017 / Athletic AdministrationCoaching
In March, Coach and Athletic Director asked readers whether they believed high schools should have a no-cut policy in their athletic programs. Some schools use the policy to allow all students the opportunity to participate in sports, while others believe such a rule would inflate team sizes and create problems with playing time.

Here are the results of our poll, along with some of the responses.

• Closing door on one sport could open up opportunity in another. Why keep a kid who will not play on baseball team when they could do something in track & field.

• Lots of kids trying out can only carry so many. Also the idea is to get those kids that didn’t make the cut to get better. Not everyone deserves a trophy.

• For programs like football and lacrosse where roster sizes can be large, kids cut themselves. For baseball and basketball where minutes and innings are limited, there definitely need to be cuts.

• A kid deserve the chance to earn playing time. What is most important is for coaches, parents, and athletes have honest communication about playing time.

• Cutting players is not easy, but for two reasons I believe it is the best decision. First, for the players who made the team and were cut, it allows them to see that it is a privilege to represent your school in sports, not a right. I believe this statement will make he players on the team work harder in practice, games and he classroom realizing that, that privilege can be taken at any moment. Those cut will hopefully be motivated to work harder on their sport skills and in the classroom to be apart of the team next year. Cutting players builds character, mentally tough people and appreciation for all parties.

• When and where are kids going to learn that life is about competition? Where are they going to learn, that when you don’t measure up, you need to try harder? Strong intramural programs can provide the opportunity for everyone to play.

• My heart says let them all play but my competitiveness says put the best team you can put there.

• We don’t cut for lack of talent, the only way you get cut is for character reasons.


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