Poll: 87% of coaches say program is underfunded

August 9, 2017 / Athletic AdministrationCoaching
A recent Coach & Athletic Director poll found that 87.1% percent of coaches believe their program doesn’t receive enough funding. High school athletic departments have suffered budget cuts since the economic downturn, and the poll suggests that many teams/programs haven’t fully recovered.

Here are the results of the poll, along with some comments from readers:

• We only receive coaching supplement money and some money to help with field maintenance from the district. ‘Pay to participate’ helps to pay for transportation costs. We have to fundraiser for most of our needs.

• Every year, basketball is forced to raise money to sustain a competitive program unlike many of the schools in our district that are more successful. The funding entail paying for transportation to out-of county tournaments, summer camp, team camps, and end of year banquet.

• We receive no funding from school or district. We must fundraise for all of our basketball activities.

• For nine years, our school district didn’t give us a budget for spending on the program. They asked what do you need — really need — and then found camp money or boosters to pay for it. I heard a lot of No’s.

• Our school does all it can, but our district needs to carry the burden of security and officiating. This would make a huge difference in the ability of our school to support our programs.

• Always making major cutbacks. Budget has only increased 3% total in nearly 20 years even with the addition of 3 more programs.

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