Steve Kerr, Pete Carroll exchange coaching advice on new podcast

April 16, 2020 / Coaching
Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll had some wise coaching advice for Golden State head coach Steve Kerr when he took over the Warriors in 2014.

And to Kerr’s surprise, Carroll’s coaching advice had nothing to do with X’s and O’s.

Photo: Keith Allison / Wikimedia Commons

In a recent podcast produced by The Ringer called “Flying Coach” featuring the two professional signal-callers, the Seahawks coach said developing schemes or drawing up plays should not be a top priority for a head coach entering a new job.

The focus should be on building a positive culture.

“You called me into your office, probably on the third day, we sat down and you go ‘How are you going to coach your team?’ Kerr said on the podcast. “I go, ‘So, like, what offense are you going to run?’ and you go ‘No, no, that stuff doesn’t matter.’ I’m like ‘Jeez, I just spent like two years trying to design my offense and Pete Carroll told me none of that stuff matters.’”

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“Everything that the players feel when they walk into the gym or onto the field every day that they come to the facility, it has to be real. And the values that are important to you as a coach have to come alive. That’s how culture is defined.”

A story published in The Mercury Sun transcribed some portions of the podcast and to read more about the coaches’ discussion click here