Parents, coaches fight following Virginia youth football game

October 3, 2018 / CoachingFootball
A brawl broke out between coaches and parents following a youth football game last weekend, and one of the spectators captured it on camera.

No charges were filed and nobody was injured, and to this point no punishment has been handed down after Saturday’s melee. Teams from Dickenson County’s Ridgeview area and Wise County in western Virginia had just finished playing when a fight broke out in the handshake line. One of the men involved is seen slamming another person to the ground while a handful of players look on.

Here is the video:

“It was pitiful to see the kids crying and scared (and) these are their coaches and mentors and guys they look up to,” the parent told WCYB News 5. “I hope it all gets resolved and doesn’t happen again.”

Conducts of parents and coaches has been a major concern in recent years. For example, confrontations with referees has become a problem, and some say it has led to a decline in registered, qualified officials. Just last month, a New Mexico parent was banned from a youth football league after he body slammed a referee during a game.

Read the full story from Saturday’s incident.

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