Ole Miss Strength Coach Updates Basketball Weight Room

The weight room for any athletics program is vital for recruiting as well as functionality. Maximizing 2200-square-feet with all the necessary tools was important to Ole Miss assistant coordinator of men’s basketball strength & conditioning Riley Allen for the direction they want to go. Utilizing the Samson Functional Training Racks and systems, Ole Miss accomplished this goal together.

This room features six Samson Flex-Rack Functional Training Racks with Perform-X inlaid systems. Attached to the rear rack stations are Lat-Row Combo Machines and Standing Leg Curl Machines. The room is divided by Ole Miss Branded Turf which separates the lifting stations from the auxiliary and accessory training area—giving maximal functionality to this performance center. Custom team-branded Samson Urethane Bumper Plates pop off the racks and adds to the pride of Ole Miss.

ole miss“The room helps us on two fronts as far as with our competitors, ones recruiting, all the branding in the room, modern, bright, efficient, that’s going to help a ton. And then secondly, being able to do more with our team in less amount of time,” said Allen.

Allen left no stone unturned in designing the new basketball weight room in Oxford. Below is a sample of what’s new in Ole Miss.

  • 6 Flex-Series Functional Training Racks (FTR) – Space Saver Option
  • Horizontal Linking System with Fat Grip and Multi-Grip Pull-up Bar
  • Custom Graphic PowerBlock Stands and Powerblocks
  • Samson Landmine Attachments
  • Samson Single-Leg Squat Attachments
  • Combo Benches with Vertical Storage
  • One Standing Leg Curl Machine linked to FTR
  • Three Lat/Row Combo Machines linked to FTR
  • Two Glute Ham Developers
  • Ole Miss Branded Urethane Bumper Plates
  • Samson Barbells

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The weight room is inside of Tuohy Basketball Center and is located on the corner of Chucky Mullins Drive and Hill Drive, across from the Gillom Sports Center, and within sight of The Pavilion at Ole Miss. With its red brick and white columns matching the campus architecture, the structure is a cornerstone in the impressive complex of athletics facilities on the southwest corner of campus.

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