Mark Cuban says ‘horrible’ college game hurting the NBA

April 9, 2015 / BasketballCoaching
Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is the latest to pile on college basketball, saying Wednesday that the sad state of the game is dragging down the quality of the NBA.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban says college basketball needs to make changes. | Photo: Kris Krug, Wikimedia Commons
Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban says college basketball needs to make changes. | Photo: Kris Krug, Wikimedia Commons

Cuban hopes the NCAA modifies its rules and officiating styles to allow for faster offenses. He believes the current system creates players that aren’t prepared for the professional level.

Here are a few of his comments, as reported by ESPN Dallas:

“It’s horrible. It’s ridiculous. It’s worse than high school. You’ve got 20 to 25 seconds of passing on the perimeter and then somebody goes and tries to make a play and do something stupid, and scoring’s gone down.”

“If they want to keep kids in school and keep them from being pro players, they’re doing it the exact right way by having the 35-second shot clock and having the game look and officiated the way it is. Just because kids don’t know how to play a full game of basketball.

“You’ve got three kids passing on the perimeter. With 10 seconds on the shot clock, they try to make something happen and two other kids stand around. They don’t look for anything and then run back on defense, so there’s no transition game because two out of five or three out of five or in some cases four out of five kids aren’t involved in the play.

“It’s uglier than ugly, and it’s evidenced by the scoring going down. When the NBA went through that, we changed things.”

Last month, UConn women’s basketball coach Geno Auriemma criticized the men’s game, calling it “a joke.” Sports Illustrated columnist Seth Davis also wrote this piece, offering his recommendations for how the college game can get back on the right track.

Click here to read the complete article about Cuban’s comments.

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Susie Hall Morris

It’s not the role of the college to prepare all basketball players for the NBA, any more than it’s the role of high schools to prepare all athletes for college play. The runaway majority never play at the next level. Prepare your own guys, use farm teams, or don’t draft a guy who can’t change or adapt – but don’t blame the level below!