Bill would allow home-schooled students in Ky. to form teams

February 7, 2018 / Athletic AdministrationCoaching
A proposal by a Kentucky lawmaker would allow the state’s home-schooled students to organize their own athletic teams to compete against public schools.

The bill passed through committee on Tuesday and will be sent to the full House. It has the support of the Kentucky High School Athletic Association (KHSAA) and is a response to the growing number of home-schooled students who want to play sports.

State lawmakers during previous legislative sessions unsuccessfully tried to pass bills that would have allowed home-schooled students to participate on teams at the public schools in their district. The KHSAA had concerns about those proposals, but Commissioner Julian Tackett told the Lexington Herald-Leader that the latest version is a good compromise.

From the Herald-Leader:

“From our reading, the bill would give competition opportunities for home-school students against our member schools without impacting our member schools and their postseason competition,” Tackett told the Herald-Leader. Tackett told lawmakers that the KHSAA had been working for years to “find a workable path that didn’t intrude on either our schools or the home schools and their basic structure and this appears to follow that path..”

“This has been an issue for several years about home-school athletics,” said Rep. John Carney, the bill’s sponsor. “ I really believe that this is a way we can approach this that can meet the needs of everyone involved…. and allow all students in Kentucky to take part in extra-curricular activities.”

House Bill 290 essentially allows public schools to play home-schooled teams, something that might be especially beneficial to smaller schools that have trouble filling out their schedules. Home-schooled athletes would not be eligible for KHSAA awards or recognition, and their teams would not be part of conference tournaments or other postseason competition.

According to the article, coaches of home-schooled teams would be required to meet certain certification requirements.

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