How to conduct a successful evaluation process with players and staff

November 30, 2018 / Football
{Sponsored} Improving the football program is always top-of-mind for coaches after the conclusion of the season. Here are some tips on how you can complete evaluations and apply what you learn during the process.

Involve your team

Speak to your players after the season is over. Coaches can meet with each player or ask them to fill out an online survey to provide anonymous feedback. Asking players what can improve, what they like and what they dislike about the program will create a barometer for how the entire coaching staff is doing. In this era of increased cyber bullying, this can also serve as a safe space where coaches can ask players if they’ve witnessed bullying online, on the field or in the locker room. Not only will your team feel more respected if they feel like they can influence the program, but they will respect you more if you ask them for feedback.

Ask your staff

Have each member of your coaching staff fill out a self-evaluation. Ask them what they think they did really well and where they need to improve. Include skills, attitude, mentorship and specifics relevant to your program. Then discuss the self-evaluations with each coach. Once those are complete, head coaches should create a list of things that the staff should work on between seasons, both as a group and. Also, be sure to celebrate the “wins” with your staff! Help each member of the staff create a personal improvement plan based on your feedback and their own evaluations.

It’s also important that assistant coaches evaluate your performance as head coach. Plan to include at least one item from each position coach and staff member into your personal improvement plan.

Include self-reflection

Complete the same self-evaluation as your position coaches. Ask position coaches to review this evaluation and include it in your one-on-ones with each coach.

If you need recommendations for what should be included in each of these surveys and talks, check these lists out!

What should be included in student-athlete surveys?

  • What they like most about the program
  • If they had fun – this should be among your program’s main goals
  • If each member of the staff is effective at communication both on and off the field – ask for examples
  • If coaches instill confidence in the team and players and if they feel their performance has increased because of that confidence

What should the coaching staff consider?

  • The goals for this season
  • How your goals will change next season
  • Thoughts on team dynamic
  • If they feel you are an effective communicator and why
  • Three ways you can improve next season
  • Three strong points you have as a coach

Having the complete picture from all perspectives allows you to create the best plan for next season. The best time to complete the evaluations is right away when the season is over. What are you waiting for?


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