How Syracuse Uses Technology in Recruiting Process

June 4, 2021 / Athletic LeaderCoachingTechnology
In the world of competitive athletics, everyone is looking for an edge. For many collegiate programs in 2023, that edge is found in the form of technology.

Syracuse University’s athletic programs are no different in its approach to finding future star athletes.

A recent article on outlined a Q&A with Syracuse’s director of recruiting Kramer Cook to find out how the Orange are using different technology during the recruiting process.

Below is an excerpt from that Q&A.

Q: How much did technology help the evaluation process as things changed due to the pandemic?

Kramer Cook: “I think Hudl was huge obviously. Zoom obviously was another enormous piece of the puzzle. At Syracuse, it is a hurdle to get some of the guys that we’re recruiting down on the eastern seaboard. We’ve got guys from Texas, California on the team. Our footprint can go nationally. Obviously, the eastern seaboard is the biggest piece of it, but it’s tougher to get guys on campus, so having a virtual visit where we can sit down in a living room and we can kind of give them an overview of the competitive advantages of Syracuse and what we have to offer. That was huge for us because now they don’t have to worry about hopping on a plane or traveling four to five hours. You’re able to kind of get your selling points out to the kid through just in their living room, and that’s something we have never done in the past. Usually, it’s an in-home visit or calls or things like that, so utilizing that was enormous. And then the second part of this is the position meetings with the coach. In a cycle before pre-pandemic, you’re coming up for junior days and official visits, there’s usually more than one recruit with you when you’re doing these position meetings with the coach. It’s really like kind of a presentation from your position coach on what they have to offer, what their core qualities are, how they view, say, offensive-line play right.