Thermometer of the Future May Make Sporting Events Safer

American scientist and inventor, Dr. Jacob Gitman has received approval on a patent for his Thermometer of the Future, potentially solving the issues around measuring temperatures while social distancing – perfect for all people working in security at sporting events.

The completely hands-free device is mounted onto a face shield fully equipped with an infrared measuring device and digital display. With a simple look and by moving their head, the operator of the thermometer can aim the pointer at the subject’s head, whereby the temperature is measured and appears on the display – all without having to get too close.

thermometerPatent holder, Jacob Gitman, says: “Previous non-contact thermometers are problematic in this world of social distancing, as it is necessary to get close enough to take a reading. The face-shield also provides extra protection for the operator, while the hands-free element means passing between multiple users can be done more safely.”

The futuristic thermometer can also be connected to online programs and specialist software where it is able to securely record vital data and provide information taken from the measurements. Data can later be analyzed to produce important insights with the option to have face recognition technology employed where and when appropriate.

Dr. Gitman, who holds a Ph.D. in Solid State Physics, designed and developed this device with his partner and fellow innovator, Victor Lander. He currently owns 18 patents on inventions, ideas, and methods.

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