High school baseball team loses state title on dropped third strike gaffe

A New York high school baseball team committed a mental gaffe during a state championship game that resulted in the opposing team winning in walk-off fashion.

Hornell High School was a strike away from winning the Section V Class B1 state title against Palmyra-Macedon, 5-4. The presumed-game-ending strike was delivered in the bottom of the seventh but was dropped by the catcher.

schoolWhat ensued after the dropped third strike caused a viral moment over the weekend.

A recent story from USAToday.com detailed the events of the play that led to the come-from-behind state title win.

Below is an excerpt from the USAToday.com story.

In a video of the play, the catcher swipes and misses the batter and the umpire signals safe.

At that point, the catcher dropped his mitt − presumably with the ball − on the ground and joined most of his teammates in celebrating near the mound.

The video of the play, of course, went viral.

In the video, at least one of Hornell’s infielders realizes what’s happening and tries to get the attention of his teammates as they are celebrating but to no avail.

The announcer on the video sounded as confused as many of the Hornell players as two runners crossed the plate.

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“Oh wait a minute. Hornell’s got to pay attention,” the announcer says. “I’m not sure what’s going on here. … So, is this the way it’s going to end? Wow.”

To read the full story from USAToday.com, click here.