Georgia bill stiffens penalties against memorabilia brokers

April 1, 2015 / Athletic AdministrationCoaching
Georgia is close to passing a bill that would strengthen penalties against autograph dealers who contract with student-athletes knowing the deal could affect their eligibility.

footballHouse Bill 3, also referred to as the “Gurley Bill,” awaits the governor’s signature. Penalties could include fines or jail time for memorabilia brokers who “enter into a contract with a student-athletes (knowing) the transaction would jeopardize that athlete’s scholarship, eligibility or amateur standing,” according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Georgia running back Todd Gurley was suspended four games last season after accepting money from memorabilia brokers.

From CBSSports:

Under the “Gurley Bill,” that offense would rise to the level of an aggravated misdemeanor. And don’t think for a second this isn’t worth the Georgia lawmaking body’s time, at least to judge by its apparent widespread, bipartisan support: it passed the Georgia House with a 145-27 vote, and the Senate 48-4.

According to the Journal-Constitution, Georgia currently makes it a misdemeanor if someone pays an athlete to attend a specific school or if an athlete is rewarded financially for performing well.

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