Florida Teenager Shot after High School Basketball Game

One Florida teenager was shot during an altercation after a high school basketball game in Orange County.

The shooting happened Friday night after the basketball game at Wekiva High School, a game between Wekiva and Edgewater High. According to police reports the victim survived and is in stable condition.

floridaA recent report from WESH.com detailed how the event unfolded and the response from both schools and the local police.

Below is an excerpt from the WESH.com story.

This marks the second school shooting in Orange County in a period of three months.

Deputies said that the shooting happened near the gym in the parking lot and when the gunfire was all over, one person, a teenager had been hit.

Deputies have not said what led up to the shooting.

“This is why we really got to take this seriously. For anyone who thinks this has nothing to do with them, oh yes it does because next time it could be your event or your community,” Kelvin Cobaris, a pastor, said.

Pastor and community leader Cobaris says he believes the shooting at Wekiva High is similar to the shooting at Orlando’s Jones High School in November.

It started with a dispute off campus that had nothing to do with the school.

“From what the word is on the street (it was) mostly targeted. It (was) someone else looking for someone else and unfortunately, they brought (a) target situation and who they had beef with to a public event where more than one person could have been harmed,” Cobaris said.

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