Disqualifications on the rise in Louisiana high school hoops

February 12, 2015 / Basketball
Disqualifications of Louisiana high school basketball coaches and players are up 35 percent since 2012-13, but opinions vary on what’s causing it.

Disqualifications in Louisiana high school basketball is up 35% over the last two years.
Disqualifications in Louisiana high school basketball is up 35% over the last two years. (Kevin Hoffman photo)

The News-Star in Louisiana published a lengthy piece this week, examining the rise in disqualifications while attempting to get a handle on what might be to blame. Some pointed to officiating, while others speculated it may stem from parents, young coaches or social media.

According to The News-Star, which obtained data from the Louisiana High School Athletic Association, there have been 154 disqualifications in basketball so far this season, with the postseason yet to be played. There were 129 last year and 114 in 2012-13.

From The News-Star:

Coaches say they need help from referees to stem the violence, while referees say they need help from coaches and fans. Administrators and the LHSAA are seeking help from all of the above. 

“We have great fans, but when you get some people up there yelling the things that they yell, the kids hear that and it just fuels their fire,” said Mike Theus, a 17-year basketball official and AAU coach. “We have some great coaches, and we like to say, ‘Hey, coach, can you help me by taking this kid out of the game,’ and nine times out of 10 that’ll happen.” 

DeSoto Parish Superintendent Cade Brumley said game officials should rein things in at the beginning, so the game doesn’t deteriorate as it rolls along.

“I’m not knocking all officials. But if they let things go, we can end up with unfortunate situations,” Brumley said. “Same thing with teachers. They can’t go into a classroom at the beginning of the school year and be the kids’ best friend, then when things start turning on them, try to tighten up.”

It’s an interesting feature, but while everyone has their thoughts nobody can say definitively what can be done. One coach talked about sportsmanship courses (available through the NFHS), and Woodlawn athletic director and girls basketball coach Patrick Lindsey said next season he would have student-athletes shake hands before contests in an attempt to cool emotions.

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