Colorado High School Names New Coach Following Hazing Incident

September 29, 2021 / Athletic AdministrationCoachingFootball
A Colorado high school football team was allowed to resume practice this week for the first time since being suspended amid a sexual misconduct and hazing investigation.

Falcon High School will now be lead by Josh Flores, who started the season as an assistant coach on the team, according to a report from KRDO News. In that report it was noted that Flores and school leaders met with the team and parents this week to recommit to behavioral expectations, a School District 49 spokesperson said.

hazingIn mid-September, the school’s resource officer was notified about a possible hazing incident involving the football team and “sexual misconduct.” A week later, the team was suspended pending an internal investigation. Last week, according to a report from KOAA NBC-5, School District 49 released a statement confirming the incident.

In the statement, the district said that several teammates participated, observed, and recorded the hazing and harassment. They went on to say that the students who initially reported the misconduct have been threatened and harassed.

Falcon High School principal Dr. Darryl Bonds sent out an email to parents late last week, informing them of updates on the situation, KRDO reported.

“Our team culture and safety also depends on player leadership that reflects the positive character of Falcon football. The revelation of hazing and harassment has reminded us that our system depends on individuals having the courage to care for each other, even when that care might create some personal discomfort or risk,” the principal wrote.

Below is an excerpt from the KOAA NBC-5 report.

The district also said they have since learned that several adults, “including multiple coaches and multiple parents, knew of hazing and harassment activities within the FHS football team that later escalated into the claims that are under investigation.” They said right now those coaches are on leave from District 49.

In the statement, D49 said that the coaches, parents, and students told the district that they did not report the harassment because they were worried it might negatively affect their playing status or the team’s season.

The district has called the situation “unacceptable,” and went on to say this:

“The silence created the conditions that prolonged the harassment and hazing of smaller and younger students. We consider this misconduct to be a violation of our cultural compass as well as CHSAA standards and our district code of conduct.”
Follow the provided links to read the full report from KOAA NBC-5 and KRDO News