CoachComm announces distributor agreement with GoRout

January 4, 2018 / FootballTechnology

CoachComm LLC, the leading provider of coaches’ technologies, announced Thursday that it has signed a distributor agreement with GoRout, a provider of playmaking technology that combines intelligent software and on‐field wearable products to enhance practice for high school, college, and professional football teams. CoachComm will be the exclusive distributor for GoRout solutions to the high school, DII, DIII, NAIA, and JUCO markets.

CoachComm will offer customers the complete line of GoRout products that allow coaches and players to communicate and execute like never before with increased speed and efficiency. GoRout’s player‐wearable display technology gives coaches the power to send plays and individual player messages and to make adjustments all on the field in real time, eliminating the need for traditional scout cards. GoRout’s powerful practice solution also puts critical information at the coach’s fingertips, allowing teams to practice faster and get in more reps. From importing playbooks to creating practice scripts, GoRout gives coaches the freedom to make changes to their game plan or practice scripts on the fly.

Mike Rolih, Founder and CEO of GoRout said, “We’re so excited to work with CoachComm. They are a pioneer in the football industry and their technologies are second to none. There is an increased focus on time efficiency, especially when it comes to practice, and now in conjunction with CoachComm, we will offer teams at all levels a tremendous competitive advantage.”

Commenting on the agreement, Peter Amos, President of CoachComm said, “We are delighted to be working with GoRout for the distribution of their practice products. Our current practice solution offering as well as our practice experience makes GoRout a perfect fit. With an increased focus on the importance of practice, CoachComm is excited to work with companies like GoRout that offer innovative solutions designed to help increase productivity, quality, and efficiencies for teams committed to getting the most from practice. By adding GoRout practice solutions to CoachComm’s current Tempo practice portfolio, we can provide our customers with a complete array of game‐ changing practice solutions.”

About CoachComm

CoachComm, LLC is the leading supplier of on‐field sports communications and has pioneered advanced communication technologies for the professional intercom industry, including the revolutionary Tempest wireless intercom system, a leading professional wireless intercom system worldwide. CoachComm is the communications provider for 95% of Division 1‐A colleges and thousands of high school and college programs throughout the United States. CoachComm has earned and secured its position as an innovator by developing cutting‐edge communication and practice solutions for customers that demand the ultimate competitive edge. CoachComm is based in Auburn, Alabama, USA, and was founded in 1991 by Peter Amos. For more information, visit

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