BlazePod App Helps Athletes Train Body & Mind

October 25, 2021 / Athletic LeaderTechnology
BlazePod, the leading pro and elite-level training system for athletes, coaches, and trainers, announces its new app experience and content, designed to level up physical and cognitive performance. For the first time, BlazePod users can enjoy an easier way to find and create exercises and activities, customize their training experience, enjoy video content to help perfect their technique, and view in-depth performance data and analytics.

Created and backed by pro and elite athletes, BlazePod offers hundreds of free, predefined exercises and activities for improving reaction times, coordination, flexibility, spatial awareness, speed, stamina, and more. Its portable and interactive light Pods are controlled by the BlazePod app and provide exercises and activities that synchronize the mind and body, helping to increase agility and strength, and decrease reaction times. Track and analyze performance on the app and measure data down to the millisecond.

blazepod“Our goal is to evolve the way athletes train and help them become better and faster,” said BlazePod founder and CEO Yaniv Shneiderman. “Since our debut in 2017, we’ve worked with thousands of athletes, sports teams, trainers, and therapists to perfect our technology and make it the leading training system for body and mind. Our approach is backed by science and focuses on the mind as much as the body, helping create a more well-rounded athlete.”

New BlazePod app content and updates include:

  • Complete redesign: sleeker, visually engaging app that’s user-friendly and easy to navigate. The updated homepage includes recommended activities based on interests and sport, as well as recent and favorite activities.
  • Customized training experience: personalized exercise and activity recommendations based on your interests and sport, and a simpler process for creating your own activities, tailored to your training needs.
  • Demonstration videos: created to ensure a smooth setup and activation process to get the most out of your BlazePod experience.
  • Updated “Explore” tab: find predefined activities created by BlazePod professionals or scroll through your own activities.
  • In-depth performance data tracking and analytics: track and analyze performance over time and down to the millisecond, including additional data per hit, strike, repetition, and activity. Trainers and coaches can also sort to see individual data per client and player.
  • Filters: new filters make it easier to search for content. Sort by sport or field (i.e. basketball, bodyweight sports, martial arts, soccer, physiotherapy), number of players, type (i.e. agility, balance, communication, coordination, core, strength, speed, reaction time), light logic, and accessories (i.e. basketball hoop, boxing bag, cone, goal, mirror).
  • BlazePod Academy: includes helpful content on how to use and make the most out of the BlazePod app, Pods, and light logic.

The new app and content are available now for Android and iOS on the Google Play Store and the App Store. BlazePod’s kits are available on and Amazon, starting at $299.