May/June 2015

Conditioning for volleyball players — Coaches should first build a base of general conditioning before transitioning to cutting and shifting movements used in the sport
A plan to improve player performance — Drills, exercises to help athletes across multiple sports
Fighting for change — Advocates presenting the case for putting athletic trainers in every school
The risks of overhydrating — Summer heat poses many risks for young athletes
Soft-tissue therapy for athletes — Soft-tissue therapy is becoming more popular for athletes in all sports to avoid injury
Improving safety in athletes — High schools showing greater commitment to sports medicine
12 attributes of elite point guards — If you asked coaches what they want most in a point guard, you would get many different answers
Replacing quality coaches — Six valuable tips for identifying and landing qualified coaches
Between the Lines — Don’t be afraid of safety
On the Forefront — Head football athletic trainer at the University of Kansas
A.D.Ministration — Investing in professional development
Powerline — Establishing standards and leadership
Winning Edge — Five ways standards define and differentiate your program
Sports Medicine Spotlight — The science of altitude training
Nutritional Value — Relative energy deficiency in sports
Special Renovation Section — Graphics honor past, present athletes at Northwestern Oklahoma