April 2015

Grant helps Washington school install turf — Less than one year ago Arlington High School (Washington) became one of the region’s last schools to switch to turf
Illinois school renovates aging gymnasium — All playing surfaces have their breaking point, and last year the gymnasium at Williamsville High School (Illinois) finally reached its own
Stronger than ever — Texas school’s weight room making tremendous impact
Western Michigan upgrades locker room — New facility improves cleanliness, functionality
CSCCa set for annual conference — More than 1,400 conference attendees are expected at this year’s national conference, which features more than 200 exhibitor booths
A twist on summer camp — F.A.S.T helps build athletes and leaders in your school
The trend of stadium sponsorships — Why new revenue streams must be a priority for athletic programs
Communication breakdown — Why coaches must teach as if they are speaking a different language
Between the Line — Reining in unruly spectators
On the Forefront — Q&A with Cliff Hill, NHSACA’s 2014 Athletic Director of the Year
A.D.Ministration — Promoting ethics in high school sports
Powerline — A Spartan approach to progressive overload
Winning Edge — The five leaders every team needs
Sports Medicine Spotlight — The importance of athletic trainers
Nutritional Value — A continued look at vitamins, minerals
Special Renovation Section — Mural part of Towson University rebranding