Hard-nosed ’22-8 Drill’ improves mental game From Ray Kues Bishop, Brossart High School, Alexandria, Kentucky

A few seasons ago, we developed a new drill called “22-8” or “Lady Stangs” (our mascot is the Mustangs). It has become one of our most productive drills, and we run it at least twice a week in practice. Our players really get up for this drill and always give a complete effort.

By changing the scoring parameters slightly, this drill gives your players a great workout and helps them improve their skills on offense, defense, rebounding, screening and free-throw shooting.

The drill divides the teams into two, evenly separated groups according to ability. One team plays offense for eight minutes (or whatever time you find appropriate), while the other team plays defense for those same eight minutes. The roles are reversed during the second eight minutes.


DIAGRAM 1: ‘22-8′ initial action. O1 and O2 are the initial passers and are lined up near half court. Either O1 or O2 passes the ball to O3 or O4 within the 3-point line. X1 and X2 defend the pass and play defense if the pass is completed.

The teams play 2-on-2 until a basket, defensive rebound or turnover. Once the two offensive players finish, they must run to half court and pass to the next two offensive players who start underneath the basket and are guarded by two new defenders.


DIAGRAM 2: O1 and O2 return to the offensive line after the pass is completed. X1 and X2 return to the end of the defensive line after 2-on-2 is completed. O3 and O4 run near half court, and either O3 or O4 passes the ball to O5 or O6 who are being defended by X3 and X4.

After the pass, the two passers return to the offensive line. This continues for eight minutes for each team.


DIAGRAM 3: O3 and O4 attempt to pass to either O5 or O6 behind the 3-point line. X3 and X4 become the defenders.

O3 and O4 return to the offensive line after the pass, and X3 and X4 return to the defensive line.

Scoring system

Keep track of the score and time on the scoreboard during the full 16 minutes of this drill so your players know how far they are ahead or behind. Both the offensive and defensive teams can score.

The scoring system for the “22-8” drill is as follows:

  • Offensive scoring: Points are awarded for baskets made. One point is awarded for a field goal; two points for a 3-point field goal; and two points for every offensive rebound.
  • Defensive scoring: The defensive team can score points by causing a turnover (two points) or denying the initial pass for five seconds (three points).

Drill rules

Instruct players that every initial offensive pass must be made inside the 3-point line or be considered a turnover. This makes it a bit tougher to get open, instead of just running out to the passer. The offensive player may dribble outside the 3-point line, but only if he or she gets the initial pass without a turnover.

Good inbounds passes are just as important as the players who are working to get open. Stopping an inbounds pass for five seconds should be recognized as a great accomplishment and rewarded with three points.

Instruct your players to use picks and screens as often as possible to keep the defense honest, and encourage teamwork.