Team shooting drills to intensify practices From Marty Gaughan, Benet Academy, Lisle, Illinois

Here’s a drill that can be used as a pregame drill, or used at two baskets during practice. It can also be a very competitive drill if you keep score and reward the player who makes the most shots in a predetermined amount of time.

This drill serves as a shooting drill that stresses footwork, passing, rebounding, and offers a wide variety of different types of shots.

Form your team into two lines; one line is a shooting line, while the other line serves as a passing and rebounding line. Use four basketballs, and run the drill continuously.

Set up 10 shooting stations as shown in the following three diagrams.

Shooting stations 1 to 3


DIAGRAM 1. Shooting stations (1 to 3).

  • 1: Spot-up middle jumper (15 to 17 feet).
  • 2: Spot-up jumper from the right wing (15 to 17 feet).
  • 3: Spot-up jumper from the left wing.

Shooting stations 4 to 7


DIAGRAM 2. Shooting stations (4 to 7).

  • 4: Shooting off the cut (across the lane from the right side.
  • 5: Shooting off the cut (across the lane from the left side).
  • 6: Shooting off the cut (from the baseline to the wing on the left side).
  • 7: Shooting off the cut (from the baseline to the wing on the right side).

Shooting stations 8 to 10


DIAGRAM 3. Shooting stations (8 to 10).

  • 8: Shooting off the fade (from the right side).
  • 9: Shooting off the fade (from the left side).
  • 10: Shooting off the dribble (both right and left sides).

In each of the first nine stations, have your shooters go to the passing and rebounding line, and have the passer go to the shooting line. In the last station, have them form two lines at the top of the key and then shoot off the dribble.

Have your team work on this drill for either a certain number of shots-per-station, or to shoot for a certain amount of time from each spot. Deduct points in the drill if a missed shot hits the floor. This forces your players to follow their shots, read the carom off misses, and rebound aggressively.