Full-court rebounding drill From Bill Ayers, former head boys coach, Mt. Spokane High School, Mead, Washington

This drill is continuous and stresses conditioning, and it reinforces proper rebounding technique for both offense and defensive players.

Diagram 1DIAGRAM 1: This drill begins with O1 dribbling to either elbow to and shooting a jumper. After taking the shot, the shooter does not rebound, but instead leaves the court. O2 and O3 run the lanes wide and angle toward the basket to grab the offensive rebound. X1 and X2 meet them just outside the lane and box out. The four players fight for the rebound.



Diagram 2DIAGRAM 2: Whoever of the four players — offense or defense — successfully secures the rebound (X1 in this Diagram), he or she dribbles downcourt and becomes the shooter on the opposite end of the floor.

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The player whose opponent grabbed the rebound, stays on the court and runs hard, filling the lane wide going the other way downcourt (O3 in this Diagram). The teammate of either the offensive or defensive player who successfully secured the rebound, gets to leave the court (O2 in this Diagram). The player on the team who “lost” the rebound, fills the lane wide on the opposite side of the floor (X2 in this Diagram) and sprints hard downcourt.

Diagram 3DIAGRAM 3: In this diagram, after X1’s jumper, X3 has grabbed the rebound and power dribbles downcourt going the other way. X2 gets to leave the drill because the defensive rebounder (X4) to his or her side did not get the board. O3 has to stay in the drill and run back downcourt in transition because the person to his or her side was the one who grabbed the rebound (X3).