‘Bear Down’ drill teaches defensive positioning From Purvis Dukes, Burke County High School, Waynesboro, Georgia

This is an effective and fast-paced defensive drill. It teaches players how to get into good defensive position and draw charging fouls.

DIAGRAM 1: The drill begins with three lines of players set up at half court and two defensive players (X1 and X2) on one side of the floor. X1 is set up at the top of the key while X2 is positioned in the middle of the lane. O1 has a ball and initiates the drill by dribbling down the middle of the floor. O2 and O3 streak downcourt on each side simulating a 3-on-2 break.

DIAGRAM 2: The defenders guard the 3-on-2 break and try to get into position to take a charge. The top defender (X1) must take a charge from X1 as he or she passes to a perimeter player. The bottom defender (X2) must slide toward the side that the ball is passed to and get into position to take a charge from the wing player who received the ball and is trying to drive to the basket for a layup.

The ball handler must come down the center of the floor and can use any type of dribble move he or she wishes to use. Allow only one pass. The player who receives the ball must try to score on a layup.

DIAGRAM 3: Players rotate clockwise after each repetition until everyone has been through the entire drill.