8-second charging drill From Will Mayer, Head Boys Coach Middletown North High School Middletown N.J.

This is an excellent drill to get your players in the habit of using proper footwork and learning the intricacies of defensive positioning. Set up a line of offensive players on the sideline at each hash mark (each player has a ball) and position a line of defensive players on each baseline.

DIAGRAM 1: 8-second charge drill.

On the coach’s signal X1 and X2 must sprint to the opposite baseline touch it and then run all the way back to the opposite low block. Once the defender gets back to the low block he or she must quickly get into proper defensive position trying to draw a charge from the oncoming offensive player who’s dribbling hard from the hash mark for a left-handed layup.The defenders have 8-seconds to get downcourt back to the low block and into proper defensive position. The coach verbally counts down the seconds out loud. The offensive player begins his or her drive at the 5- or 4-second mark.

You may have to modify the times for this drill depending on the age speed and ability of your players. X1 and O1 quickly switch positions and the drill is repeated. Run the drill for as long as you need to.