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February 1, 2016

Investigation reveals ‘fight club’ within Texas HS baseball team

Two Texas high school baseball coaches have come under fire after an investigation allegedly turned up evidence of racist comments and a "fight club" created by members of the team. The Dallas Morning News reported that it obtained documents show...

January 18, 2016

Drafted prep baseball players given flexibility to hire agents

High school baseball players drafted by major league clubs can now hire agents without affecting their college eligibility. [caption id="attachment_15133" align="alignright" width="273"] Drafted high school baseball players can now hire an agent w...

September 28, 2015

Weathering the Storm

Maintaining perspective, positivity during a losing streak “Just win baby.” “You play to win the game.” “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.” These quotes are everywhere, printed on T-shirts and plastered all ove...

September 8, 2015

Libertyville baseball field gets fresh look

There’s a certain charm to the baseball field at Libertyville High School (Libertyville, Illinois), but even the game’s most precious venues need a little touching up every now and then. Options were slim for the athletic department at the sch...

August 3, 2015

SportsMed: Understanding baseball injuries

About 15 million people play baseball each year in the United States. Six million of these players are children in grades eight or below. A significant number of these ballplayers incur elbow injuries of some sort. The dominant arm is usually affe...

July 21, 2015

Mapping how far athletes run during competition

Unless we're talking about track or cross country, its difficult to map exactly how far athletes run during competition. Fortunately for us, today's technology is helping us solve that problem. [caption id="attachment_13463" align="alignright" wi...

July 16, 2015

Schools can afford impressive stadium displays if they get creative

Telling score might be the least impressive feature of scoreboards these days. If your stadium doesn’t have the ability to play back in-game highlights or update scores from throughout the conference, you might be behind the curve. An athletic a...

July 10, 2015

The University of Akron announces it will cut baseball

The University of Akron (Ohio) announced today it would cut baseball as part of a three-year program to address the school's financial troubles. [caption id="attachment_13265" align="alignleft" width="254"] The Akron Zips[/caption] No other de...

July 6, 2015

Umpires now required to give warnings before ejecting coaches

The National Federation of State High School Associations approved a new rule that requires umpires to give baseball coaches a warning before ejecting them from games. [caption id="attachment_13231" align="alignright" width="281"] Umpires must now...

June 10, 2015

Nation’s top-ranked prep baseball team investigated for hazing

The No. 1 high school baseball team in the country is being investigated for a hazing incident that allegedly took place at the team's hotel. [caption id="attachment_13035" align="alignright" width="171"] The Parkview High School baseball team is...