October 30, 2020 • Technology

Freemotion launches the 22 SERIES powered by iFit®, the ultimate cardio experience for athletes and gym-goers

(Sponsored) Freemotion Fitness has launched its new iFit®-powered 22 SERIES – a revolutionary cardio range providing the first truly interactive, connected fitness experience for athletic fitness centers and commercial facilities. The 22 SERIES unlocks new possibilities for delivering engaging, results-driven training programs for athletes and student gym-goers.

By seamlessly integrating best-in-class product design with industry-leading, on-demand digital content, the 22 SERIES offers users immersive and personalized virtual training like never before. Totally interactive and responsive to the user, the product range is set to change the way fitness operators, coaches, and athletic directors enhance training outcomes for their student-athletes and clients.

The 22 SERIES will feature industry-leading products, including the REFLEX™ Treadmill, Incline Trainer, and CoachBike™ and will be available from late 2020.

The way athletes – and people in general – exercise has been transformed by COVID-19. Off-season training programs at athletic facilities have been replaced by at-home workouts directed by coaches through Zoom. In the absence of face-to-face, “human” interaction, connected fitness has been thrown center stage. This has provided home exercisers and athletes with content-driven experiences, enabling them to maintain their fitness programs and routines even while team/group environments are off-limits or heavily restricted. Consequently, facility directors are looking to invest in this booming trend to satisfy the desires, needs, and expectations of their athletes or members.

According to Dan Toigo, Senior Vice President and Managing Director for Freemotion Fitness, “We put people at the heart of developing the 22 SERIES range of cardio equipment. Each piece has been meticulously designed and developed to deliver a fully interactive, immersive, and personalized experience.”


All of the content powering the 22 SERIES comes exclusively from iFit – the world’s leading, on-demand streaming fitness platform. This provides users with access to an ever-expanding library of thousands of beautifully shot, coach-led, global and in-studio workouts, which can be selected according to the athlete’s specific goals, placing them on the fast-track to improved results and sporting performance. Completely game-changing, the content is FREE to the operator and the users, with fresh content constantly being added.

Redefining what it means to be “content-driven,” each product within the Freemotion 22 SERIES features interactive, auto-adjusting technology that controls the speed, resistance, incline, or decline in sync with the on-screen coach’s command and route topography. With no need to manually adjust the machine, the user can focus on their workout and maximize their training outcomes.

“We understand the hard graft it takes to become an elite-level athlete, or to turn around your lifestyle to become the strongest, healthiest version of yourself,” begins Dan. “With the 22 SERIES, that process is made more fun, engaging, and achievable through an interactive, connected fitness experience which makes you feel part of the workout.”

Dan continues: “It’s not just connected fitness; the equipment truly interacts with the content, so you can run amongst the Easter Island statues or cycle along the Echi River in Kyoto and feel like you’re actually there. In short, exploring the world without leaving the gym floor.”


Another stand-out, interactive feature of the Freemotion 22 SERIES is the ability for exercisers to map their own routes – or select prestigious race routes – using Google Maps™, with the auto-adjusting technology matching the machines’ movements to the on-screen terrain. This allows athletes to practice the exact routes they’ll be competing on or explore a part of the world they’ve always wanted to visit. From a trainer’s perspective, the Google Maps feature can be used to set exciting, demanding, or goal-specific challenges for training without boundaries.


Advanced workout metrics mean athletes and clients never lose sight of their personal training goals with real-time data that goes beyond traditional feedback, leveraging heart rate, intensity, incline statistics, and more to measure and track their workouts and enhance their gains. When combined with the in-person instruction from their coach, the next-level interactivity provided by the 22 SERIES enables athletes and clients to push themselves harder and achieve more. A great way for schools and colleges to stand out from the crowd and beat the competition.

Coaches can also harness the coach-led power of the 22 SERIES by directing an athlete or client to a specific workout – or workout series – aligned to the individual’s program and goals. This keeps them on track and heading toward their desired results, while also empowering them with the confidence to train at their best between sessions.

To learn more, visit: www.freemotionfitness.com/22-series

See the 22 SERIES in action: https://vimeo.com/460422171

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