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Effective 1-2-2 Offense Spreads The Floor With Constant Motion

IN RUNNING THIS high-powered 1-2-2 man-to-man offense every player gets a chance to play every position on the floor. This is especially effective for our team because we have more players who are better suited to facing the basket than with their backs to the basket.

Emphasize ball and player movement to your players but stress that it has to be movement with a purpose. In this offense it’s critical to use as much court space as possible.

All players are involved in the motion as there are no specific cutters screeners or passers. This type of movement can cause match-up problems if your big players are quick and can handle the ball well. Timing is all-important in setting screens and cutting.

Diagram 1

DIAGRAM 1: 1 passes the ball to 4 who comes out hard over the screen set by 2. 3 sets a down screen for 5 and 1 sets an off-the-ball screen for 5. 5 steps toward the ball and makes a hard backdoor cut looking for a pass from 4.

Diagram 2

DIAGRAM 2: 4 continues dribbling until 5’s cut. This is critical. If 5 isn’t open 4 needs to have his or her dribble alive. 4 dribbles to the middle. 1 sets a down screen for 3 on the weak side. 2 moves up to the wing position.

Diagram 3

DIAGRAM 3: 4 passes the ball to 3 and sets an off-the-ball screen for 2. 2 takes a step toward the ball then makes a hard backdoor cut off 4’s screen and looks for a pass from 3.

Diagram 4

DIAGRAM 4: If 2 isn’t open 4 continues down to screen for 5. 3 dribbles to the middle and 1 moves high to the wing. 3 passes to 5 and sets an off-the-ball screen for 1 on the weak side for the continuity offense.

Special Options Off 1-2-2 Motion

Once the defense begins to cheat to stop the screens and cuts then you can begin to use some special options.

Diagram 5

DIAGRAM 5: Option 1. The opposite wing makes a straight cut to the basket. 1 passes to 2 then moves to set the usual off-the-ball screen for 3. In this option 3 doesn’t wait but quickly cuts hard to the basket and looks for a pass from 2.

Diagram 6

DIAGRAM 6: Option 2. This starts with the usual point-to-wing pass followed by an off-the-ball screen and 3 going for a backdoor cut. Instead of 1 screening for 5 5 flashes high to the foul line. 2 passes the ball to 5 who passes to 1 at the backdoor.

Diagram 7

DIAGRAM 7: Option 3. This option produces an open jumper. 1 passes to 2 and sets an off-the-ball screen for 3. 3 takes a step to the basket then comes off the screen high looking for a pass from 2 for an open jumper.

Diagram 8

DIAGRAM 8: Option 4. This is a very simple but quite effective option especially when 5’s defender is anticipating a move to the wing. When 1 moves down for a screen 5 makes a straight backdoor cut to the basket.