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Box-set, side out-of-bounds series

The following are four sideline inbounds plays run out of a box set that have been extremely successful for our team.


Joe Pitt1

DIAGRAM 1: Carolina. 4 and 3 are lined up at each block, while 5 and 2 positioned at the elbows. As 1 slaps the ball to begin the action, 2 and 3 set moving screens for one another, with 2 cutting into the lane while 3 cuts over the top toward the top of the key.

As 2 cuts across the lane, 4 steps in and sets a cross-screen for 2, who breaks to the ball-side corner. 5 pops out top and V-cuts to set a screen for 3, who cuts over the top toward the ball. After setting the screens, both 4 and 5 seal and roll back to the ball side, looking to establish position on their defenders.

1 looks for 2 in the corner for a jump shot, 4 on the ball-side low block for a post-up opportunity, or 5 for an open jumper at the ball-side elbow. 3 acts as safety release and receives the pass from 1 if no other option is open.


Joe Pitt2

DIAGRAM 2: Kentucky. In this play, 2 and 3 are lined up on each block, while 4 and 5 are positioned at each elbow. 3 sets a diagonal backscreen for 4, who cuts to the ball-side low block. 5 screens the screener and sets a backscreen for 3, who cuts out top to the ball side. 1 looks to hit 4 on the ball-side low block, 5 sealing the defender at the ball-side elbow, or 3 on top at the ball side. 2 acts as a safety outlet on the weak side and can receive the pass over the top if nothing else is open.


Joe Pitt3

DIAGRAM 3: Florida. 5 and 3 set up on each low block, while 4 and 2 are positioned at each elbow. 5 cuts into the lane and sets a cross screen for 3, who breaks along the baseline and pops to the ball-side corner. After setting the screen, 5 rolls back toward the ball and posts up in the low post.

2 V-cuts to the basket, then breaks across the lane and sets a backscreen for 4 at the ball-side elbow. 4 curls around the screen and cuts hard to the basket looking for a lob pass from 1. After setting the screen, 2 fades out top as a safety outlet. 1 looks for the lob to 4 as the first option. If the lob isn’t there, 1 can pass to 5 sealing on the ball-side low post or hit 2 as the safety valve on top.


Joe Pitt4

DIAGRAM 4: Trojan. On this play, 4 and 5 are positioned on each elbow, while 2 and 3 set out wide on each wing at the mid-post extended area. As 1 slaps the ball to initiate play, 2, 4 and 5 break directly toward 3 to set screens.

3 reads the defense and has total freedom to cut in any direction toward the ball and receive a pass from 1. Once 3 receives the ball, he or she can drive to the basket or shoot an open jumper. The rest of the players crash the boards on any shot attempt. 1 steps inbound and stays out high to get back for possible defensive transition.