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A Solid Foundation

 Move insoles deliver pro-level support for student-athletes

(Sponsored) For athletes, it starts at the ground up; it’s about getting the foundation right in order to get the big stuff right. What’s more foundational than an athlete’s feet — where the force of every movement lands? 

That’s where Move comes in — with patented insoles designed to give all athletes pro-level support where they need it the most. 

“Just like athletic trainers and coaches, our goal is to help athletes play the sports they love for as long as possible,” said Nate Jones, co-founder and co-CEO of Move. “These athletes (and their parents) often don’t think about their foot health until it is too late.”

Prior to Move, Jones worked in the sports agent business representing NBA players in their off-the-court business for nearly 14 years. And over that time, he’s heard professional athletes say that they wish they would have paid more attention to taking care of their feet at an earlier age. Many of them have developed chronic issues that could have been avoided with proper inserts to help protect their bodies when they were playing those thousands of hours of their particular sport.

A case of plantar fasciitis, due to playing pick-up basketball most of his life, sent Jones on a journey to find insoles that could help relieve the issue.

“What I found was a market that was old and sleepy and ripe for disruption,” Jones said. “This journey also had me thinking about how my NBA player clients operate with their footwear. Most of them don’t wear their shoes out of the box; they usually have some sort of insole or custom orthotic in their footwear.”

Move insoles were built in conjunction with the top podiatry firm in pro sports, with an arch support system based on 120,000 foot scans. 

“Not everyone can afford or needs expensive custom orthotics,” Jones said. “Our insoles bring together pro-level materials and data from the go-to podiatrists in pro sports to help bring custom-like fit and performance to about 85% of wearers.

Damian Lillard, chief athlete, wears Game Day Pro.

“With athletes playing more hours of focused sport at earlier ages than ever before, it’s important for athletes to have a stepped-up support beyond the sock liners that come in their shoes.”

Jeff Mueller, Move’s director of sales, has more than 50 years of experience in the sports medicine field and said he couldn’t be more excited to be working with the Move team. He recognized early on the difference these insoles offered over others in the marketplace. 

“This is a piece of equipment just like a football helmet,” Mueller said. “It’s a necessity to the health of your feet, your ankles, your knees and your back.”

Mueller went on to say that there are 100 different insole companies out there. So, why Move?

“It is a crowded space with room for growth,” he said. “And Move is what’s missing in the space because we’ve done it right.”

Through sports med distributors, Move has athletic trainers at the highest levels of Division 1 college and professional sports bringing its products into their locker rooms. In addition, through partnerships at the grassroots and AAU levels of sports, even teens are using Move products for their chosen sports. 

“Sports have been the foundation of a lot of good in my life and all of my co-founder’s lives,” Jones shared. “We think supporting athletes with products that help them protect their bodies so that they can play the games they love for as long as possible is a worthy cause.”

In addition to Jones and Mueller, the Move team is: Micah Katz, co-CEO and operations engine; Kam Pashai, creative lead; and NBA star Damian Lillard, chief athlete.

Any questions? Please email Jeff Mueller at [email protected] or call him at 252-216-6392.

Move’s vision is to revolutionize the foot health space and bring pro-level over-the-counter insole products to the generation of athletes that are playing more hours of specialized sports than ever before. Learn more about Move at or on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook at @moveinsoles.

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