October 20, 2011 •

Wisconsin Basketball Coaches Association conference coverage

Coach and Athletic Director staff attended the Wisconsin coaches conference and caught up with two of the top presenters, coaches Buzz Williams (Marquette University) and Fred Hoiberg (Iowa State University). Both provided great insight about coaching philosophy and tips for coaches across all sports. Check out the videos below. For even more coaching insight see the full coverage of the event here.

Buzz Williams, coach of the Marquette Golden Eagles men’s basketball team, discusses his strategy about how to implement special situations drills into practice.

Coach Buzz Williams of the Marquette university men’s basketball team answers a couple questions before addressing attendees at the 2011 Wisconsin Basketball Coaches Association conference.


Iowa State men’s basketball coach, Fred Hoiberg, discusses his outlet pass strategy. The key to success is spacing and speed, he said.Iowa State Men’s Basketball head coach, Fred Hoiberg, dishes out advice to young coaches and offers his key to a successful season.