October 17, 2012 •

Streetsboro High School Renovation

Associate Editor Kevin Hoffman traveled to Streetsboro High School (Streetsboro, Ohio) to cover their renovation as a part of the October 2012 special renovation issue of Coach And Athletic Director.

The renovation, which is in two phases, includes an updated football field, bleachers, press box and scoreboard. The unique aspect of the scoreboard is it essentially was “free,” due to the advertising revenue generated.

These videos were shot August 14 and include interviews with athletic director Randy Tevepaugh and supervisor of maintenance Jim Washinski.

The Big Picture

Streetsboro High School’s athletic department gives us an overview of the renovation project at their facilities, and how they began to tackle a plan of action.

Resources, Field Conditions and Community Support

Streetsboro High School’s need for renovation was apparent when you looked at their field’s rough and muddy conditions. After consulting other resources, admininstration came up with a plan that was backed by community support.

Overcoming Hurdles

No big project comes without its share of obstacles. See what Streetsboro High School’s athletic department faced and how they handled any issues that arose.

Advice For Future Renovators

During renovation, Streetsboro High School’s athletic department learned the dos and donts of the process, and offer up their advice for anyone looking to renovate their facilities.