Swarm Defense

The Swarm is a revolutionary defense that relies on certain man-to-man principles while primarily acting as a trapping zone that causes fits and panic for an opposing offense. It’s the perfect defense for teams with quickness, basketball smarts and a willingness to work hard. The Swarm is more than a couple of diagrams, it’s an entirely new defesneive philosophy for your team! The Swarm takes everything you already know about defense and turbo-charges it with logical transitions to counter any offensive attack — man or zone. By the time the offense figures out what’s going on, the Swarm has morphed into another formation or scheme. Jammed with over 100 detailed diagrams that allow you to visually picture player placement and traps within the Swarm Defense, this 24-page report is easy to follow and allows for quick implementation within your own team’s defensive schemes and philosophies.