Shuffle-Cut Offense

Looking for a versatile offense that offers set-pattern continuity, yet still allows your athletes the freedom to make plays? The shuffle-cut motion offense offers you the best of both worlds. There are set patterns and motion rules that restrict players from making random decisions on where to go (which coaches love), but there is also the freedom within the offense for players to break off a quick shot or dribble-drive to create a shot for himself or herself or for teammates (players enjoy this factor). With over 100 detailed diagrams that illustrate player movements, cuts and screening techniques, you’ll get the basic shuffle-cut motion patterns and a wide variety of entries such as bump motion, double-motion, ball-screen motion, fade-screen motion, chin motion, handoff motion, post-isolation motion, up-screen motion, zipper motion and more. You’ll also get other variations and versions of the shuffle-cut offense (good against man or zone defenses) quick-hitting sideline inbounds, dual entries and much more.