Perfect Shooting: Principles For Amazing Accuracy

World-renown shooting instructor Ed Palubinskas gives you an in-depth look at all of his valuable secrets for teaching your players the lost art of shooting. Known as a basketball shooting guru who has been shooting free throws at a 99 percent clip for more than 15 years, Palubinskas has helped even the worst-shooting professional basketball players to dramatically improve their shooting percentages in a short period of time. Complete with step-by-step photo instructions and concise explanations, this 8-page report details the most important aspects of shooting the basketball such as grip, follow-through, using the off hand, wrist and elbow movement, stance, ball-eye relationship, proper rotation, aiming points, correcting common shooting flaws, trajectory and much more! This is a must-have Special Coaching Report for anyone who’s looking for new and innovative methods for teaching their players to more accurately shoot the basketball.