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MEET THE PRESS Are you looking for another competitive edge over your opponents? Are you looking to add more points to your scoring average? Are you looking for a way to add excitement to your games? If so, then: MEET THE PRESS Throughout the years many coaches have utilize defensive pressure to great success. John Wooden and his famed 2-2-1 press. Rick Pitino and his matchup press. Shaka Smart and his HAVOK defense at VCU. All of these coaches have realized that defensive pressure can provide that edge that can resurrect program, give programs an identity and create an atmosphere that will help lead to victories and championships. As written in Philippians 3:13 I press on toward the goal for the prize. This book will give a coach the teaching points and keys to success to become a 94 foot pressing team. Many coaches have a saying, “you can’t press all game and be consistently successful.” That saying is partly true. It just needs to be amended to, “You can’t press the same way all game and be consistently successful. Those three words make all the difference. This book will give each coach a series of CHANGE AND CHOKE CALLS that will increase your defensive arsenal, confuse opponents and take your defense from good to GREAT. A Coach will also be able to change the coverage and pick up points throughout the game. This system takes three of the most lethal full court attacks: 1-2-1-1, 2-2-1 and Run and Jump, wraps them into one complete system that is easy to learn and easy to teach. There are over 15 drills included that will give every coach a great library of drills to draw from while working on the press defense. These drills will cover any and all aspects of the keys to success within this system.