Floor Generals: Developing Prolific Point Guards Download

A team’s point guard is commonly referred to as a number of things — the “coach on the floor,” the “quarterback of the team,” the “floor general,” the “traffic controller,” etc. No matter the nickname, no winning team can achieve long-term success without an effective point guard. This highly valuable report breaks down the point guard position from A to Z and provides vital information you’ll need to help mold your point guards into effective team leaders who execute your offensive and defensive schemes, control the tempo of the game and make wise decisions with the ball. You’ll get point guard strategies for attacking zone defenses, handling pressure defenses, influencing shot selection, defending the point, ball handing, leadership, ways to utilize dribble penetration, developing a point guards mental skills, using hand signals and using video as a point guard training tool. As an added bonus, you’ll also get special set plays and and a diagrammed offense to free up the talents of an explosive point guard.