Ferocious Full Court Press Download

Nothing changes the momentum of a game or disrupts the tempo of an opposing offense like a ball-hawking, swarming full-court press. In this highly valuable report you’ll get in-depth articles, drills and teaching points for some of basketball’s very best, game-tested full-court presses. In this jam-packed 24-page report, you’ll get an up-tempo 2-2-1 press, the “Thunder & Lightning” man-to-man full-court trap, the “200” 1-2-2 press, an easy-to-teach 1-3-1 press, a swarming 1-2-1-1 full-court zone press, a proven 1-1-3 full-court press, a proven method for alternating zone presses, full-court trapping dills and much more! Filled to the brim with detailed diagrams that illustrate player movements and trapping techniques, this is the most comprehensive full-court press report available anywhere. A must-have defensive resource for all coaches!