Arkansas Full Court Pressing System Download

In 1994, Coach Nolan Richardson and the Arkansas Razorbacks put the world of college basketball through Hell. They would be on you for 40 Minutes, 94 Feet, constantly…. Most teams would say that is “40 Minutes of Hell”. It’s how they played basketball. They never got the elite basketball recruit at Arkansas. Anyone can play this style of defense if they sell their players on it. Oliver Miller wasn’t a big time recruit and he got drafted in the first round and played with the NBA Phoenix Suns. Pressure, Pressure, Pressure….. They were on you for 40 minutes. Anyone can play defense, you don’t have to have shooting skills to play defense. You can’t be a coward to play defense. It’s all about mental toughness. Can your team play at this frezny rate? Are you will to sell out and play this system of basketball that the players rave about, but don’t want to condition for? You are going to have your team, scraping, running, shooting, and diving for loose balls. It’s the most natural way to play the game of basketball. You will get your teams to attack, attack, attack. It’s going to be Hell for the other team. The drills, all the conditioning, and the running….. your team will be ready for the season. It’s a mental game and the reward is winning a championship at the end. It’s non-stop action, running up and down.. running up and down. Pressing and running. This system helped Coach Richardson to win the NJCAA National Championship at Western College in Synder, Texas. That season helped him get the job at the University of Tulsa. He won big at the University of Tulsa and in 1985, the University of Arkansas offered him the Head Men’s Basketball Coaching Position with them. It’s a style of play that you can win with… Check out the Arkansas Full Court Pressing System Playbook!!!

Coach Peterman