1-3-1 Offense Download

This 8-page Special Coaching Report features some of the best offensive strategies from the 1-3-1 set. You’ll get an innovative “13” zone offense that attacks defenses from behind the zone and is a great match-up against any zone defense. You’ll learn critical keys to the “13” zone offense which include understanding the rotations and movements of the defense, establishing an inside-outside threat and getting high-percentage shots. Plus, you’ll also receive other articles that detail a 1-3-1 multi-purpose set that can be used against a zone, man-to-man or box-and-1 defense, as well as several quick hitters out of the 1-3-1 set. This report is loaded with fully illustrated diagrams and game-tested rules for the 1-3-1 offense. You’ll be able to quickly adapt these tremendous 1-3-1 offensive ideas into your team’s playbook!