‘Badger’ From John Kimble, formerly of Crestview High School, Florida

diagram 1DIAGRAM 1: 2 and 4 set up in a double-stack on the right low block. 3 and 5 set up in a double-stack on the left elbow. 1 has the ball on top and begins to dribble to the right.

4 sets a screen for 2, who pops out behind the 3-point circle on the right wing. After setting the screen, 4 breaks up to the foul line. 5 pops to the top of the key, while 3 fades behind the 3-point line on the weak side.

diagram 2DIAGRAM 2: 1 passes to 5, who quickly swings the ball to 3 on the left. After the pass goes to 3, 5 and 1 criss-cross toward 4, who sets a foul-line screen for both players. 5 and 1 settle on the low blocks on each side.

diagram 3DIAGRAM 3: 4 breaks out to the top of the key and receives a pass from 3. After passing to 4, both 3 and 2 break from their respective wing areas and set downscreens for 1 and 5 on the low blocks. 1 and 5 use the screens and cut behind the 3-point line on their respective sides.

diagram 4DIAGRAM 4: 4 passes to 5 on the right wing and cuts to the ball-side low block, coming off a screen set by 2 in the low post. 3 cuts to the rim and then V-cuts to the foul-line area.

5 either looks to play a high-low game with 4 in the low post, or takes a 3-point shot. 2 slips into good rebound position after setting the screen for 4. 1 stays on the perimeter on the weak side, looking for a skip pass from 5 for a quick shot.

If no shot opens up, players are now in position to run a motion offense, passing game or post-triangle offense on the right side.

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