1-4 high post feed From Chris Croft, formerly of Martin Methodist College, Pulaski, Tennessee

DIAGRAM 1: From a 1-4 high set, 1 passes to 2 and makes a UCLA cut to the ball-side low block off a screen set by 5. 3 cuts to the weak-side block.

DIAGRAM 2: 5 sets an on-the-ball screen for 2, who dribbles to the top of the key and passes to 4 popping out. 3 breaks across the lane and sets a backscreen for 5, while 1 cuts from the low block to the ball-side wing area behind the 3-point line.

DIAGRAM 3: 5 uses 3’s backscreen and cuts to the ball-side low block. 4 passes to 1, who throws an entry pass to 5 in the low post. 5 works for a good post-up opportunity down low, looking for a high-percentage shot.